Hall, Richards : Flying Foxes : Fruit and Blossom Bats of Australia

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| 2000 | | Kart, F:17x24 cm, 148 S, dg. farbige Illustrationen. | WG: Buch | | Flying Foxes is the first illustrated guide dedicated to Australia's thriteen species of Megachiroptera. These 'mega' bats do not comply with standard bat stereotypes: while they are nocturnal, they live in forests rather than caves, they navigate by sight rather than echolocation, and their long snouts and large ears and eyes give them a canine like look - hence the description of 'flying foxes'. Perhaps because of their appearance, as well as their intelligence, flying foxes are regarded with much affection in Australia and are sometimes kept as family pets. The book contains superb colour photographs, including many by acclaimed wildlife photographer, Theo Allofs, and line drawings by Louise Saunders. | [E] | |
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