Heron, Fotos: Wooster : Gardens of Ireland :

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| | | Geb, F:22,2x25,3 cm, 160 S, über 250 Farbfotos. | WG: Buch | | In this delightful, evocative book, Marianne Heron, an Irish journalist with a specialised knowledge of Ireland's garden history, has selected 30 of the truly great Irish gardens. Specially photographed by Steven Wooster, an award-winning garden photographer, the result is an illustrated guide that is informative as it is stunning to look at. The gardens range from the historic masterpieces like Mount Stewart in Northern Ireland to the brilliant plantsman's paradise of Butterstream in Southern Ireland, created in recent times by owner Jim Reynolds. Maps and opening times make this book an invaluable reference book for garden visitors as well as armchair gardeners. | [E] | |
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