Brown, Lomolino : Biogeography :

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| 1998 | 2. Auflage. | Geb, F:22x28 cm, 701 S, 410 Tabellen, Karten, Diagramme, Zeichnungen. | WG: Buch | | The First Edition of Biogeography, by J. H. Brown and A. C. Gibson, has served as the standard text and reference in the field since its publication in 1983. This new Second Edition, completely revised and updated, summarizes the diverse approaches to the study of the distributions of living things. Written primarily for use in undergraduate and graduate courses in plant and/or animal geography, the book serves as a general synthesis and reference as well. Like its predecessor, Biogeography, Second Edition, aims to integrate the specialized subdisciplines that threaten to divide the field. It combines ecological and historical perspectives to show how contemporary environments, earth history, and evolutionary processes have shaped the distributions of species and the patterns of biodiversity. It illustrates general patterns and processes using examples from different groups of plants and animals from diverse habitats and geographic regions. Biogeography, Second Edition, consists of 19 chapters, organized into five sections. The book is beautifully illustrated with hundreds of figures and maps, and contains a glossary and extensive bibliography. Starting from simple facts and principles, and assuming only a rudimentary knowledge of biology, geography, and earth history, the book seeks to explain the relationships between the patterns of plant and animal distributions and the mechanistic processes that have produced them. Throughout, the emphasis is on the interplay between unifying concepts and the evidence that supports or challenges these ideas. | [E] | |
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