Ross : Voices of the Cloud Forest :

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Audio-CD mit Aufnahmen aus dem Regenwald Costa Ricas, Booklet. | WG: Bioakustik-Produkt | | This is a stereophonic journey through a cloud forest day in Coasta Rica's Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve. Step onto the trails in the pre-dawn to a chorus of crickets, Tink Frogs, and Mottled Owl. Experience the amazing roars of a troop of howler monkeys as they announce the day from the canopy. Have a seat at the perfect spot on a trail for the beginning of the dawn chorus. Hear Resplendent Quetzal, Emerald Toucanets, and the yodeling of Prong-billed Barbets. Absorb the ethereal calls of Black-faced Solitaire and Slay-backed Nightingale-Thrush, the mellifluous whistling of Black-thighed Grosbeak and raucous duets of Black-breasted Wood-Qual. Walk to the edge of the windswept continental divide where the calls of Three-Bellbird, and Gray-breasted Wood-Wren reverberate across the valley below. Feel Arenal Volcano shake from the distance, and return through an evening chorus at sunset, as frogs, nightbirds and Kinkajous take the stage. The production runs for 33 minutes of uninterrupted stereo, and then is repeated with the addition of a narrative which describes the sounds through the trip. | [E] | |
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