Nijboer, Hatt, Kaumanns, Beijnen, Gansloßer (Hrsg.) : Zoo Animal Nutrition : Functional morphology, foraging ecology, nutritional analysis, case studies, zoobiology, pathology

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| 2003? | | Kart, F:16,8x24 cm, 250 S, zahlr. Abbildungen. | WG: Buch | | The volume is based on contribution to the first European Zoo Nutrition meeting held at Rotterdam in 1999 and covers all major subjects needed to properly feed zoo animals. Subjects range from functional morphology of digestive systems to behavioural ecology of feeding, from behavioural implications of food presentation to mineral status, lactation and egg production to pathological aspects. Taxa included are fish, snakes, tortoises, several groups of birds, macropod marsupials, chiroptera, primates and ungulates, among others. The book draws upton the expertise of veterinarians, nutritionists, behavioural biologists, ecologists and zoo managers to provide an interdiscipfinary overview of the field of zoo animal and wild animal nutrition. Thus it is of importance not only for captive propagation and zoobiology but also for a proper understanding of the food related dimensions of niche dynamics. | [E] | Zirkapreis und -angaben. |
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