Able: Gatherings of Angels - Migrating Birds and Their Ecology

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2003 | Kart, F:14,8x22 cm, 228 S, 56 Farbfotos, 13 Karten, 21 s/w-Illustrationen. | WG: Buch | The migration of birds has for centuries amazed and confounded onlookers.Those fortunate enough to have witnessed the skies filling with these intrepid travelers wonder, how do they find their way to their destination? How do they withstand the dangers and rigors of their long-distance flight? Gatherings of Angels offers first-hand accounts by leading experts in avian migration who convey not only the biology but also a sense of the beauty and excitement that attend this most extraordinary of natural spectacles.The book features twenty-four pages of stunning color photographs with additional black-and-white photographs throughout. Two chapters of background information on migration precede chapters that focus on different species or groups of birds and the localities essential to their survival--from the spring flights of songbirds across the Gulf of Mexico to the massing of sandhill cranes on the Platte River. The authors discuss the timing of migrant travel; the routes followed; and the concentration of birds in stop-over sites, locations that must be preserved if they are to have secure resting spots with fresh water and ample food to fuel their journey. | [E] | Preisreduziert, anstatt € 28,00 |

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