Schmidly : The Bats of Texas :

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| 1999 | | Kart, 17.5x25 cm, 224 S, 16 Farb- und 33 s/w-Fotos, 36 Zeichnungen, 28 Karten, 8 Tabellen. Bibliographie. | WG: Buch | | Texas, home to the world's largest remaining bat cave, Bracken Cave, has the most diverse bat fauna of any state. Texas hosts all four families of bats occurring in the United States and thirty-two species of these fascinating mammals, which are capable of flight in complete darkness. Their intricate sonar system, which aids them in negotiating obstacles and locating prey, makes them the focus of sophisticated research and fantastic myth. Occurring in all the major ecological regions of the state, Texas' bat species include the Brazilian free-tailed bat (the state's most common bat), cave myotis, western pipistrelle, red bat, pallid bat, and the rare hairy-legged vampire. The Bats of Texas is a complete historic and taxonomic guide to bats in this state. An introductory chapter explores bats in general, their appearance, classification, evolution, biology, and life history, as well as information concerning public health and conservation. The book then provides keys and line drawings to aid in bat identification. The most extensive part of the text includes an account of each species, with maps and photographs by outstanding nature photographers. »The Bats of Texas« thorough, up-to-date, and easily accessible information will serve the general public as well as conservationists, mammalogists, and wildlife biologists. | [E] | |
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