Eisenberg, Redford und 7 Co-Autoren : Mammals of the Neotropics : Volume 3: The Central Neotropics: Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil

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| 1999 | | Geb, F:21x27,5 cm, 620 S, 16 Farbtafeln von Fiona A. Reid, 3 s/w-Fotos, 140 line drawings, 582 Karten, 68 Tabellen. | WG: Buch | | Despite intense interest in this biologically diverse and ecologically important region, the mammals of South America are still not well known. Filling a large gap in the literature, this volume provides a survey and synthesis of current knowledge of the more than 650 species of land and marine mammals found in Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and Brazil.Third in a series that reviewers have described as "state of the art" (Journal of Biogeography) and "invaluable to anyone interested in the mammalian fauna of the Neotropics" (Quarterly Review of Biology), this volume follows the format of its acclaimed predecessors. Chapters present not only up-to-date taxonomic information but also ecological and behavioral characteristics, conservation status, and distribution maps for most species. Numerous illustrations are provided to assist in field and laboratory identification, including exquisite color and black-and-white plates by Fiona Reid. New to this volume are chapters contributed by experts on the mammalian fossil record of this region and on ist current biodiversity and biogeography. An appendix summarizes changes to the nomenclature that have altered the scientific names used in the first two volumes. | [E] | |
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