Toomey : Illustrated Encyclopedia of Clematis :

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| 2001 | | Geb/SU, F:21x27,5 cm, 428 S, 652 Farbfotos, 5 s/w-Illustrationen, 19 Zeichnungen, 2 Karten. | WG: Buch | | This new volume, written by distinguished clematis experts and backed by the authority of the British Clematis Society, is the first picture encyclopedia on the genus to encompass the more than 800 garden-worthy species and hybrids. It is divided into two sections: the first is devoted to the care and cultivation of clematis (including a chapter devoted to growing clematis in North America), while the second provides an A--Z directory of more than 550 plants, from the acclaimed large-flowered forms to the less-familiar shrubby, subshrubby, and herbaceous forms that are beginning to be available. The plant descriptions include information on synonyms, origin, plant habit and height, flowers, pruning group, flowering period, cultural requirements, recommended uses in the garden, and USDA hardiness zones, with more than 650 magnificent color photos. | [E] | |
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