Dekker : Wolves : of the Rocky Mountains from Jasper to Yellowstone

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| | | Kart, F:14,5x21 cm, 208 S, 16 S mit Farbfotos, Zeichnungen. | WG: Buch | | This is the storry of wolves howling on starry nights, of their secret lives intertwined with deear, moose and elk, their relations with ravens, coyotes, bears - and people - in the wilderness country across Canada and the USA. It is also a story of Jasper National Park, Alberta, from historical times to present, and the long struggle to protect wolves in the West from poison and aerial shooting by government agencies. Eloquent but objective, the story reports on the passionate and angoing debate between wolf defenders, hunters, ranchers, biologists amd wildlife managers, of special relevance today when wolves are returning to some of their former range. | [E] | |
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