Beebe : Pheasant Jungles :

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| 1994 | Reprint der Auflage von 1927 | Geb, F:15x22,5 cm, 248 S, 8 Farbtafeln von Timothy Greenwood, s/w-Fotos. | WG: Buch | | »Pheasant Jungles« is a selection of Beebe's pheasant-tracking memoirs and experiences during his seventeen month trans-Asian odyssey which took him to Sri Lanka, India, Burma, China, Japan, Peninsular Malaysia, Borneo and Java. Capturing the excitement of the solitary pursuit of these scare and secretive birds, it also offers insight into the (sometimes dangerous) experience of early Asian travel at a time when wild places remained largely untouch by the ravages of development. The characters: hunters, porters, cooks and servants he met along the way receive lively attention and his musings during long days alone in the field are andidly revealed. | [E] | |
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