Terauds, Stewart : Albatross : Elusive Mariners of the Southern Ocean

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| 10 2005 | | Geb, F:21x28 cm, 176 S, zahlreiche Farbfotos. | WG: Buch | | Albatross: Elusive Mariners of the Southern Ocean tells the life histories of each of these species, as well as describing the islands on which they live and outlining the efforts being made to conserve them. It also looks at the history of human involvement in Bass Strait and the Southern Ocean whaling, sealing, long-line fishing for tuna and Patagonian toothfish, trawling, and the impact of feral animals and reveals what life is like for researchers on the islands today. Illustrated with beautiful and intimate photographs of the birds, together with historic illustrations from publications such as Gould’s The Birds of Australia and those created specially for this book, Albatross is for all lovers of natural history, conservationists, students and researchers. | [E] | |
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