Goodfellow : Birds of the Australia's Top End :

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| 05 2005 | 2. Auflage. | Kart, F:17x24,4 cm, 168 S, zahlreiche Abbildungen, Karten. | WG: Buch | | Australia's Top End is like no other place on Earth. Remote and wild, its birdlife is breathtaking, and Kakadu National Park is a mecca for Australian birds. Birds of Australia's Top End offers so much more than other bird guides. The text is filled with Denise’s quirky observations, asides and personal experiences. She also draws on the stroies from her many birding enthusiast friends, and her close relationship with Aboriginal people give her a unique insight into their world of birds and landscapes. Denise’s knowledge of Territory birds is prodigious. In this second edition of Birds of Australia's Top End you will find details not just about the birds’ physical features and habits, but exact locations where to find them and information about individual birds that frequent particular places. The book is further enriched by Denise’s own delicate colour illustrations, and there are also informative black and white diagrams and useful maps. | [E] | |
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