Zoological Museum Amsterdam : De Toerako's door Schlegel en Westerman, 1860 : The Turacos by Schlegel and Westerman, 1860

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| 1999 | | Photo-CD-ROM, Diskette, Booklet mit 115 S. | WG: Multimedia, Software, CD-ROM | | The monograph "The Turacos" is undoubtedly the most splendid work ever issued by the Royal Zoological Society "Natura Artis Magistra", ranking among the finest bird books ever published. This work was published in 1860, in elephant folio (format 57 x 72 cm), describing and depicting life size all 17 bird species of Musophagidae (Banana eaters) known at the time. While dedicated to the patron of "Artis", His Majesty The King, the original edition was very limited. The books were never for sale but were especially intended as presentation tributes to members of the Royal Zoological Society in particular and zoological science in general, who deserved recognition. The Artis Library, University of Amsterdam, is proud of this work and pleased to make it accessible in this way to the general public. | E/NL | Systemvoraussetzungen: Computer mit Photo CD kompatiblem CD-ROM-Laufwerk, Die Diskette ists formatiert für DOS/Windows Computer Macintosh Anwender können den Apple File Converter verwenden. | ETI - The World of Biodiversity Database
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