Markhaseva : Copepods, Aetideidae of the World : Windows/Macintosh-Hybrid

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| 1997 | | CD-ROM/Booklet. | WG: Multimedia, Software, CD-ROM | [Krebstiere; Crustacea; Ruderfußkrebse; Copepoda; Calanoidea; Aetideidae; Plankton]. | The Aetideidae are an important family of Calanoids that form an order of the Copepods (Crustaceans). Aetideidae occur in all vertical ranges of the marine pelagic zone and also inhabit the epibenthic environment. A significant number are found in deep-water plankton. Most of the meso- and bathypelagic species are characterized by wide geographical ranges, occurring from tropical to polar waters. This CD-ROM holds a comprehensive and fully up-to-date taxonomic account on Aetideidae, including extensive species descriptions (with more than 2600 illustrations). A new and highly detailed illustrated key provides easy access to the information on the taxa. An interactive glossary of terms (defining about 220 terms) makes part of this unique program that provides information on 166 species and 32 higher taxa. | [[E]] | Systemvoraussetzungen siehe andere Titel der ETI-Reihe. | ETI - The World of Biodiversity Database
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