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| 1997 | | CD-ROM/Booklet. | WG: Multimedia, Software, CD-ROM | | This CD-ROM presents the first complete overview on all pelagic molluscs of the world. Compiled by marine biologists and planktologists and produced following the high standards of a scientific monograph, this is an excellent source for more than 300 pelagic mollusc species. The CD-ROM contains well over 1000 drawings and photographs as well as a revolutionary interactive identification key. The entire text is hyperlinked, and an illustrated glossary defines more than 600 scientific terms. | [E] | System-Mindestvoraussetzungen: Mac Multimedia Computer, 68040 Prozessor/Power PC, system 7.0 14" 16bit Farbmonitor, 8 MB-RAM, 4fach CD-ROM-Laufwerk. | ETI - The World of Biodiversity Database
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