Sluys : Marine Planarians of the World : Macintosh-Version

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| 1994 | | CD-ROM/Booklet. | WG: Multimedia, Software, CD-ROM | [Ökologie; Meeresbiologie; Systematik; Taxonomie; Planarien; Plattwürmer]. | This interactive CD-ROM gives a comprehensive account of all marine flatworms known to date. A novel software tool allows the precise identification of 58 higher taxa and all 76 planarian species. Apart from the general characteristics of turbellarian flatworms, each species is fully covered with respect to habitus, alimentary and reproductive systems, ecology, distribution, synonyms, taxonomy, and literature references. Drawings and micrographs illustrate the details of external appearance and anatomy, and a glossary defines more than 200 scientific morphological terms. | [E] | System-Mindestvoraussetzungen: Mac Multimedia Computer, 68040 Prozessor/Power PC, system 7.0 14" 16bit Farbmonitor, 8 MB-RAM, 4fach CD-ROM-Laufwerk. | ETI - The World of Biodiversity Database
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