Roché, Chevereau: Oiseaux des forèts et des montagnes - Birds of Forest and Mountain

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2000 | Audio Doppel-CD, 138:38 min, Booklet. | WG: Bioakustik-Produkt | Vögel der Wälder, Bergwälder, Berge und Tundren. | This double CD is part of the new sound guide to the Birds of Europe, made up of 5 double CDs, each concentrating on a different habitat. Each double CD has its accompanying leaflet with a list of species in French and latin, classed in alphabetical order of the French names, a precise description of each recording, and a colour illustration of each species by the artist Wladislaw SIWEK. All the 438 species that breed in western Europe are covered by this guide. Text in French. This volume is concerned with some of the most unspoilt habitats : lowland and upland forests, and high altitude tundra. | F/E | Preisreduziert, anstatt € 29,90 |

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