Nelson : Pelicans, Cormorants and their Relatives : Pelecanidae, Sulidae, Phalacrocoracidae, Anhingidae, Fregatidae, Phaethontidae

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| 1 2006 | | Geb/SU, F:20x24,6 cm, 661 S, 12 Farbtafeln, 159 s/w-Fotos, 62 Verbreitungskarten. Illustrationen von Andrews Mackay (Farbtafeln) und John Busby (Zeichnungen). | WG: Buch | Umfangreiche Gruppenmonographie aller 60 Arten der Pelikane, Kormorane und Verwandter. | This book addresses the breeding biology of the six pelecaniform families, which comprise the closely-related core groups (pelicans, cormorants/shags, darters, gannets/boobies) and their more distant relatives, the frigate birds and tropic birds. The author's approach is threefold: First, to set the order within the framework of four discrete disciplines, with chapters on relationships, comparative behaviour, ecology, and man. Secondly, to deal separately with each family, elucidating the range of taxonomy, behaviour, and ecology within each. Finally, to descend to specific level, using the same structure as for the family accounts. In this way, each of the 60-odd species can be understood, not just as discrete units, but as part of their family and order. It is unique in its coverage of the entire order and in its combination of facts and interpretation. This book should enable the reader not only to identify the many spectacular species which make up this large and important group of seabirds, but also to understand their breeding biology. Many fundamental questions can be addressed through the pelecaniforms - why do they breed in colonies? What are the links between their feeding methods and their reproduction? What part does territorial and pairing behaviour play in their life-cycle? These and scores of comparable issues, including those related to man, are woven into a richly interpretative text. Contents List: List of colour plates. List of abbreviations. Plan of the book. Introduction. Part I: General Chapters. Chapter 1: Relationships. Chapter 2: Breeding Biology. Chapter 3: Behaviour. Chapter 4: The Pelecaniformes and man. Chapter 5: General. family accounts. Part II: Species accounts. Appendix. Glossary. Bibliography. Index. | [E] | | Bird Families of the World
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