Pratt: The Hawaiian Honeycreepers - Drepanidinae

Pratt: The Hawaiian Honeycreepers - Drepanidinae

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5/2005 | Geb/SU, F:18,9x24,6 cm, 336 S, 9 Farbtafeln, 130 s/w-Fotos, 20 Zeichnungen. | WG: Buch | Spezielle Monographie der hawaiianischen Kleidervogelarten, die wegen ihrer isolierten Verbreitung häufig mit der Evolution der Darwinsfinken verglichen werden. | This book is the most up to date work on honeycreepers, covering the life history, relationships, and biology of the birds. The honeycreepers, with their bright colouration, and canary-like songs, are famed for their unique evolutionary history as a geographically isolated group that has undergone a spectacular burst of adaptions to the islands of the Hawaiian archipelago. Cont.: Foreword; Acknowledgments; List of colour plates; List of abbreviations; Preface; Plan of the book; Frequently mispronounced words of Hawaiian origin; 1 Meet the Hawaiian Honeycreepers; 2 The honeycreepers' world; 3 Discovery and research: a historical review; 4 Origin and Evolution; 5 Classification; 6 The physical honeycreeper: Form, colour, and function; 7 Behaviour; 8 Ecology; 9 Diseases and parasites; 10 Status, conservation, and the future; Genera and Species Accounts. Part II comprises of 20 honeycreeper species, further details available on request. Appendix 1Sheila Conant: Honeycreepers in Hawaiian material culture; Appendix 2Scientific names and families of plants mentioned in the text; Appendix 3 Scientific names and families of non-Hawaii-an birds mentioned in the text; Bibliography; Index | [E]  |

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