Danchin, Giraldeau, Cézilly : Behavioural Ecology : An Evolutionary Perspective on Behaviour

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| 02 2008 | | Kart, F:19x26 cm, 688 S. | WG: Buch | | A fresh, new textbook to reinvigorate the teaching of behavioural ecology; Contributions from research experts coupled to meticulous editing provide a text with all the qualities of a multi-authored book without the potential drawbacks; Full coverage of topics including conservation, host-parasite interactions, dispersal, and social foraging and sex-ratio games, as well as hormones and behaviour, gives the book a truly contemporary flavour, and takes students to the frontiers of the subject. Unique coverage of the fundamental building blocks of behavioural ecology make this the ideal resource for students coming to the subject for the first time. Online Resource Centre features downloadable figures for lecturers and web links for students, to enhance the value of the text as a teaching and learning tool. | [E] | |
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