Dixson : Primate Sexuality : Comparative Studies of the Prosimians, Monkeys, Apes, and Human Beings

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| 1998 | | Kart, F:19x24,3 cm, 560 S, dg. s/w-Fotos, Tabellen. | WG: Buch | | Primate Sexuality is a uniquely comprehensive synthesis of our knowledge about the sexual behaviour of primates. In it, Alan Dixson reviews and integrates both the evolutionary biology and the physiological basis of sexual behaviour across the whole spectrum of primates, from prosimians to humans. No other book written on the subject of primate sexuality exhibits the comparative breadth or technical depth of this outstanding volume, drawing on and collating work from over 2000 references, and illustrated throughout with hundreds of original drawings and figures. | [E] | |
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