Lourie, Vincent, Hall : Seahorses : An identification guide to the world's species and their conservation

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| 1999 | | Kart/Klappenbroschur, Ringbindung, F:16x21.8 cm, 214 S, dg. Farbfotos, Zeichnungen und Verbreitungskarten. | WG: Buch | Umfangreiche Monographie der 32 Seepferdchenarten der Erde, deren Biologie und Gefährdung, mit detaillierten Beschreibungen und Detailzeichnungen sowie zahlreichen Farbfotos. | Seahorses around the world are being exploited for medicines, aquarium fishes and curiosities. Available evidence suggests that their number in the wild are declining. Yet we do not even know many species exist. This book provides the only guide to the world's seahorses, presenting the 32 currently recognised species in clear non-technical language, with full illustrations. With its review of biology and conservation, and its original taxonomic research, this book is appropriate for anybody interested in these remarkable fish, including conservationists, curators, customs and trade officers, fishers, and aquarists. | [E] | |
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