DeIuliis, Pulera : The Dissection of Vertebrates : A Laboratory Manual

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| 06 2006 | | Kart, F:304 S, durchgehend farbig illustriert. | WG: Buch | | With illustrations on seven vertebrates - Lamprey, Shark, Perch, Mudpuppy, Frog, Cat, Pigeon - Dissection of Vertebrates is the first book of its kind to include high-quality, digitally rendered illustrations. Using a systemic approach for each vertebrate, this book covers several vertebrates commonly used in providing a transitional sequence in morphology. This beautifully illustrated, full-color primary dissection manual is ideal for use by students or practitioners working with vertebrate anatomy. Not only is this book ideal for students, but also for researchers in vertebrate and functional morphology and comparative anatomy. The result of this exceptional work offers the most comprehensive treatment than has ever before been available. | [E] | |
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