Hilker, Meiners : Chemoecology of Insect Eggs and Egg Deposition :

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| 2002 | | Geb, F:17x24 cm, 416 S, 42 Abbildungen und 17 Tabellen. | WG: Buch | Insekten sind ihren Feinden nicht wehrlos ausgesetzt. Viele Arten können sich sehr effektiv mit Hilfe »chemischer Waffen« wehren. Selbst ihre Eier verteidigen zahlreiche Insekten mit Naturstoffen, die Schutz vor Räubern, Parasitoiden und Pathogenen bieten. Das Buch faßt neueste wissenschaftliche Erkenntnisse zur Chemoökologie der Insekteneier und der Eiablage bei Insekten zusammen und berücksichtigt dabei auch physiologische, morphologische und evolutionsbiologische Aspekte. Damit bietet dieses Buch sowohl für die Grundlagenforschung und die angewandte Forschung wie auch für das naturwissenschaftliche Studium allgemein eine Fülle neuer, oft vielleicht ungeahnter Einblicke in eine Entwicklungsphase, in der das Leben vieler Insekten beginnt, die auch von medizinischer, landwirtschaftlicher and forstlicher Relevanz sind. | The fascinating research field of chemoecology of insects mainly considers larval and adult stages, while insect eggs have been quite neglected up to now. However, as immobile stages the eggs are highly vulnerable and need to cope with numerous problems such as predation, parasitisation, pathogen infection, plant and host defences. How to face these dangers? Insects have been shown to endow their eggs with various naturally occurring chemicals that deter or poison enemies. These chemicals may be either produced by the insects themselves or their endosymbionts, or they may be obtained from host plants or prey. However, survival of the first, so liable phase of life does not only depend on the protective power of the eggs themselves, but also on the site where they are laid. The ovipositing female is known to be informed by numerous infochemicals on the suitability of sites for egg deposition. This is the first book focusing on chemoecology of insect eggs and egg deposition. The much-needed synthesis of issues on this topic includes molecular, chemical, physiological, morphological, ecological, and evolutionary aspects. The chapters present a review of the literature as well as new hypotheses and an outlook on future research. A wide range of different insects is addressed: herbivorous and carnivorous ones, social insects, and those of medical and veterinary importance. This volume will be a valuable resource for researchers in chemical, molecular, behavioural, and evolutionary ecology, insect morphology, insect physiology, phytopathology and pest control. It provides important information for those interested in both fundamental and applied research, but also for readers who are just fascinated by the multiple facets of the chemoecology of insects. | [E] | |
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