Brown : Global Warning : The Last Chance for Change

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| 2006 | | Geb (Lam Pp), F:24x27 cm, 320 S, dg. Farbfotos und farbige Grafiken. | WG: Buch | Das Buch vermittelt anschaulich und allgemeinverständlich aktuelles Wissen zum großen Thema "globale Erwärmung der Erde" und appelliert an die Verantwortlichen, aber auch an uns alle, endlich Initiative zu ergreifen, zeigt aber vor allem auf, was Versäumtes bisher bewirkte. | Global Warning is an authoritative and visually stunning book, unique in its approach. While most of the current literature on the subject is highly scientific, this book’s aim is to educate the public at large. Graphics and maps, hard-hitting text, and powerful pictures show the plight the world is already facing. The tone is serious, but ultimately positive and outlines what we all need to do to safeguard our future. It provides an honest appraisal of a critical situation, and some practical advice about solutions — whether making small adjustments in everyday life, or raising public awareness across the globe. The book is an invaluable tool to inform business leaders and the public alike of the consequences and opportunities associated with the ongoing increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide, and the repercussions of continuing “business as usual”. It is clear about the problems which we face, but positive about the possibilities of averting the worst. | [E] | |
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