Wikramanayake, Wikramanayake : Butterflies of Sri Lanka :

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| 2006 | | Geb, F:30,5x21,8 cm, 308 S, 452 Farbfotos, teilweise ganzseitig. | WG: Buch | Ein faszinierender Bild- und Textband mit Abbildungen und Beschreibungen von 160 Schmetterlingsarten Sri Lankas | This collection of hundreds of magnificent colour photos of more than 160 different butterfly species found in Sri Lanka was compiled over four years by a father-daughter team that travelled all across the island in search of elusive species. Each species is depicted by several colour photos to aid identification. The text descriptions, while focusing on information about distribution, habitat and identifiation of the species, also share interesting notes about the authors' adventures while capturing the photos. This book fills an inportant gap in the lepidoptera literature of Sri Lanka. It is the first book to be published on the subject in over 50 years. | [E] | |
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