Reynolds : The Chimpanzees of the Budongo Forest : Ecology, Behaviour and Conservation

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| 06 2005 | | Kart, F:15,6x23,4 cm, 314 S, zahlreiche Grafiken, Tabellen und Schwarzweißfotos. | WG: Buch | Einführung von Jane Goodall. Ausführlicher Bericht von zahlreichen Mitarbeitern an einer Populationsstudie im "Budongo Forest Reserve" in West-Uganda. Dort wurde eine 60 Individien umfassende Population über 15 Jahre intensiv beobachtet und erforscht. Der Projektleiter, Veron Reynolds, beschreibt das Verhalten der Schimpansen, deren Ernährung, soziale Organisation, Krankheiten. Beschrieben wird auch das einzigartige Jagdverhalten, bei dem kleine Schweine und Antilopen erbeutet werden. | Includes an Introduction by Jane Goodall Provides a unique insight into chimpanzee behaviour and social structure in the context of their forest habitat. Emphasizes the chimpanzee's endangered status, the crucial impact of human settlement on chimpanzees, and looks ahead to the future prospects for the survival of natural populations Based on 15 years of field data, much of it previously unpublished. Adds variety and balance to existing studies of chimpanzees, providing a more ecological approach Generously illustrated throughout with maps, figures, and photographs. Unlike humans, who came down from the trees and developed bipedal locomotion, chimpanzees have remained in the original habitat of our ancestors: the tropical rainforests of Africa. In this book, Vernon Reynolds describes in detail the work of a large number of students and senior researchers on the wild chimpanzees of the Budongo Forest Reserve in Western Uganda. He presents a coherent and in-depth account of one chimpanzee community of more than 60 individuals living in the Sonso area in the middle of the Budongo Forest, which he and his colleagues have studied intensively over the last 15 years. The chimpanzees have never been provisioned and live in an entirely natural state. Reynolds describes their forest habitat, their diet and culture, their social organization and behaviour, their diseases, and the threats to them that derive from the actions of people in the surrounding villages, the most serious of these being the presence of snares set by hunters to catch small antelopes and pigs. As founder and head of the Budongo Forest Project, Professor Reynolds has been responsible for compiling the numerous publications, reports, and dissertations written about these chimpanzees. In this book, he combines these new and often unpublished studies with past publications about Budongo Forest. Where appropriate, he also compares the Budongo chimpanzees with wild chimpanzees studied at other sites across Africa. The result is the most comprehensive account of the Budongo chimpanzees ever published, with a wealth of referenced material that will serve as a source of information for many years to come. | [[[E]]] | |
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