Parés i Rifà : Guia de natura de Barcelona : Aproximació a la història de la natura de la ciutat

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| 2006 | | Kart, F:14,5x22 cm, 272 S, dg. Abbildungen. | WG: Buch | Naturführer für die Stadt Barcelona (in Katalanisch). | The first-ever guide to the green spaces in the city of Barcelona. The book lays open the world of nature in the metropolitan landscape, understood as an environment made up of urban architecture and human life co-existing with naturally occurring plants and animals as well as garden plants. This unique ecosystem is a result of the city's history. The book describes the historic changes affecting the flora and fauna of Barcelona up to the very present. It also offers commentary on the best places to enjoy nature in the city, with lists of the most common and characteristic species in Barcelona. The book includes numerous maps designed to stimulate the reader to become an urban nature enthusiast. | [Cat] | |
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