Kushlan, Hancock: The Herons : Ardeidae

Kushlan, Hancock: The Herons : Ardeidae

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2005 | Geb/SU, F:19,5x25,5 cm, 433 S, 12 Farbtafeln von David Thelwell, 25 Farbfotos, 86 s/w-Fotos, 65 Verbreitungskarten. | WG: Buch | Vollständige Monographie aller Reiherarten der Erde. | This book is an up to date monograph on the Heron familiy. These birds, characterised by their long legs necks and bills are found worldwide, except in polar regions. They are particularly abundant and popular in South West USA, especially Florida. Both authors are renowned experts in their field and have produced a definitive synthesis of the biology of herons. Cont.: Foreword; Preface; Acknowledgements; Colour plates ; Plan of the book and notes on the species accounts; Topographical diagram of a heron; Part I General Chapters; 1 Introduction to the herons; 2 Systematics and evolution; 3 Feeding ecology; 4 Nesting biology; 5 Herons and people; 6 Conservation; Part II Species accounts; Plates; Colour photographs; References; Index | [E]| Bird Families of the World |  PoD = Print on Demand

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