Gansloßer, Hodges, Kaumanns (Hrsg.) : Research and Captive Propagation : Conservation, Genetics, Reproduction, Animal Husbandry, Ontogeny, Zoobiology

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| 1995 | | Kart, F:16,8x24 cm, 338 S, zahlr. Abbildungen. | WG: Buch | | This volume reviews concepts and methods from a wide range of biological siciplines. Written by competent authors, the contributions relate important aspects of the species' biology to the management of small poulations and captive breeding. This is the first overview, in a single volume, of zoobiology since Hediger's classical writing 30 years ago. It covers many aspects of contemporary biology, relating many of them to breeding endangered species for the first time. | [E] | |
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